Kpop Male Idols Helping & Protecting Female Idols

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Kpop Male Idols Helping & Protecting Female Idols

While many male Kpop idols stay away from the female some don't hesitate to show their gentleman side. Here is just a few instances where these male Kpop idols and Korean stars have help and protect female Kpop idols/Korean stars from accident.

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Track: Seico - My Way

Intro and outro song: baekhyun - take you home

1. Dongwoon gave his jacket to an Apink member so she can place it on her lap
2. Gdragon gives his jacket to a little girl
3. Luhan and lay makes room for taeyeon and Tiffany. Luhan holds taeyeon dress after seeing how D.O was holding it
4. Heechul gives his blazer to taeyeon because it was raining
5. Btob sungjae blocks the confetti so it doesn't hit taeyeon
6. Chen well mannered gentle man
7. Btob changsub telling red velvet members that there's gonna be a firework
8. Taeyangs gives water to ailee
9. Baekhyun does manner legs for little girl
10. Onew help sistar bora go down the steps
11. Taecyeon and soohyun helps Suzy
12. Ze:a Dongjun covers Han Groo's skirt so it doesn't fly up
13. Seo In Guk covering girls legs
14. VIXX N grabs hong yoonhwa so she doesn't fall
15. Running man helping females out
16. Jisung holds Jung Eum head
17. Soohyun opens the water bottle for Jihyun
18. 2pm Jun.K puts AOA hyejeong seatbelt on

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