90's Kids' Problems | EP 01: Vayasu Ayeduchu | With Subtitles | 1 Kg Biriyani

Diupload : 1 Feb 2019
Channel  : 1 Kg Biriyani
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Presenting you with a New Mini Tamil Web Series "90's Kids' problems" on the problems that every 90's kids face not just once but throughout their lifetime in various forms.

Born at the end of a millennium and adapting to the changes of next one, 90’s kids’ life is all about struggle, this Episode is all about how the so-called 90’s kids are no longer kids because they have grown up and the how the society sees them.

If you are also a 90’s kid, this video will just stir your emotions and ringback Nostalgia with a lot of memories.
EP 01: Vayasu Ayeduchu

Location courtesy: Ponnu Supermarket

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